Get help to sell your property

Still have an unsold property that’s on the market?

Want to sell your property but don’t know where to start?

Does this sound familiar?

  • your property has failed at Auction, and has more and more advertising costs mounting and remains unsold.
  • your Agent brings up excuses on what you should change in the property that they should have raised before you started selling and spending thousands on advertising.
  • you find out your property is only shown once per week, and only during the most competitive and busiest open for inspection times.

Find out what’s gone wrong with your sale and how you can fix it. 

For new buyers, get clear advice and direction and avoid the lack of interest once you've signed up with a bigger Agency.

Through my Seller Advisory Service, I provide trustworthy guidance and advice.

I will provide you with:

  • Strategies to address any property issues you may have.
  • Answers to all your real estate questions.
  • Options and alternate plans.
  • Plus my extensive experience and access to qualified and trusted stylists and tradespeople.

Contact me for a no obligation appointment to find out more.