Want to sell your property but don’t know where to start?

I can provide you with trustworthy guidance through the entire process, with honest and open advice and communication.

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Your sale will be my priority.

Open for inspection – multiple times per week, plus by appointment at any time including Sunday’s, after hours, public holidays and evenings.
I am available at any time to get your property the best price.

Honest and respectful advice on how your property will present to get you the top dollar.
With my over 26 years of experience, I have trusted stylists and tradespeople who provide quality work at very reasonable prices. Let’s get your place ready for aspirational buyers!

Tailored advertising for your property
We will use the best method to market your property that you can afford. You will not be sold unneeded over the top advertising to make your sale. I have the tried and tested methods that are affordable, plus can add further marketing as needed – all fully discussed with you along the way.

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Still have an unsold property that’s on the market?

At Francesca Lyons Real Estate, I hear plenty of stories from our clients of their experiences with other agents.

Properties that have failed at Auction, with more and more advertising costs mounting and remaining unsold.

Agents bringing up excuses on what you should change in the property that they should have raised before you started selling and spending thousands on advertising.

Finding out your property is only shown once per week during the busiest open for inspection times.

These experiences end when you sell your property with Francesca Lyons Real Estate – I enjoy working for you and want to achieve the highest price with the lowest costs.

Find out what’s gone wrong with your sale and how you can fix it - make an appointment for a free Transaction Analysis Report.

This no nonsense report will provide you with answers and options to help you move forward with your real estate plans. This service is free and without obligation. The report will provide the following information:

  • Analyse your real estate sale to date.
  • Identify which aspects of the sale contributed to the property not selling.
  • Recommend strategies to address/resolve these issues.
  • Provide you with answers to all your real estate questions.
  • Provide you with options and alternate plans if necessary.

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