My Property Management Services

When tenants are moving out of a property, it's important to leave it in good condition.

The idea that there's no need to clean too much as the people moving in will clean it anyway, is not a good attitude to have as a tenant or a property owner.
As a renter you want your bond back. You don't want to lose a big chunk of your deposit on cleaning.
As a property owner, going the extra mile between tenants and maintaining your property, pays off in the long term. Your property looking it's best will attract a good rent and tenants. Keeping it looking in top condition and cleanliness is the safe and best option for the long-term.

My Property Management Services includes full management of your property, including all the regular checks, repairs, and inspections needed during a tenancy.
I also provide Project Management of renovations to keep your property in top shape. I can also find the right tenant and advertise your property through my Property Leasing Service.

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